Alice in Wonderland Bar

Step through the looking glass with a drink in hand at two ‘Alice in Wonderland’-themed bars

Step through the looking glass with a drink in hand at two 'Alice in Wonderland'-themed bars
Photograph: Michael Hoang, Courtesy The Rabbit Hole
If you’ve ever wished you could step inside Lewis Carrol’s whimsical world, now is your moment. Two different Alice in Wonderland-inspired bars have opened, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in all things Alice. There’s the Rabbit Hole in West Hills and, from an unrelated team of Alice-enthusiasts, Rabbit Hole (no “the” this time) in Alhambra.
At The Rabbit Hole, every surface in the space is decked out in colorful, oversized, off-centered décor, from wobbly clock towers and enormous chess pieces to individually-carved barstools in the shapes of characters and set-pieces from the iconic children’s book, crafted by sculptor Glenn Carter. Even the television screens showing psychedelic videos are mounted at odd angles along the walls. According to Eater L.A.the bar’s owner, Alexander Maximillian, is working on commissioning a full-size replica of the spinning teacups featured in Disneyland’s classic Alice in Wonderland ride. The all-female bartending staff sport their own elaborate costumes, which veer a little towards the “sexy Halloween costume” take on the characters’ looks, from a Tweedledee and Tweedledum in sparkly, lace-up hot pants to a corseted Mad Hatter.
Over in Alhambra, Rabbit Hole is both a bit more upscale in décor and menu, but more low-key on the theme. Imagined as a Mad Hatter’s tea party, there is faux-grass everywhere, inside and out, and the seasonal cocktail menu is heavy on the gin and floral elements, with drinks sometimes served in dainty, porcelain tea cups. High backed, tufted booths, Cheshire Cat-bedecked murals and books dangling from the ceiling complete the look.
Whichever you choose, it’s clear that pop-culture inspired bars are a major trend right now, with a Tim Burton pop-up in Hollywood, a Star Wars cantina, and even last year’s Will Ferrell-themed drinks den.
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