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10 Best Book-Themed Bars for Literary Nerds

Inside the Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole   Los Angeles, CA Prepare to go down the rabbit hole at this trippy, over-the-top Alice in Wonderland-themed bar. Beyond the entirely non-descript entrance in a strip mall lies absolutely wild decor: gigantic cheese pieces, playing card soldiers, tilted mirrors, melting clocks, Mad Hatter hats, and chairs that are uniquely designed around different Wonderland […]

10 LA Restaurant Bathrooms That You Will Want to Instagram

Alice in Wonderland Bar

5 The Rabbit Hole Two words encapsulate everything about the Rabbit Hole’s restrooms: creepy and perplexing. Some inspiration comes from the 1970s horror flick “The Shining,” complete with fake blood and Jack Nicholson’s face. It is entirely appropriate to call the toilet the murder room. Look for instructions to open the bathroom door, which could be […]

Eater LA’s 10 Biggest Food Stories of 2017, Ranked

Alice in Wonderland Bar

#3: Down the Rabbit Hole Far from a newcomer, The Rabbit Hole is something akin to a West Hills dive bar institution. Filled with wild Alice in Wonderland imagery and hand-carved chairs — not to mention the actively-engaged staff — the place has become something of a drinking legend for the San Fernando Valley, blood-splattered bathroom decor and all. […]

Top Tenz

Alice in Wonderland Bar

1. The Alice in Wonderland Bar in Los Angeles The weirdness that is The Rabbit Hole Bar is immediately apparent even when visiting its website, where you are asked to select either the red pill or the blue pill just like in The Matrix. Choose the red pill and you see the rest of their website; choose the […]

ITM: Inside The Magic

Alice in Wonderland Bar

Themed Eats: Tumble down ‘The Rabbit Hole’ with “Alice in Wonderland” bar in Los Angeles, CA IN FOOD, IMMERSIVE, MOVIES Posted on June 6, 2017 by Michael Gavin1 Comment Behind the nondescript storefront, with the upside down sign, is an unexpected delightful trip toThe Rabbit Hole. Offering bright, crafty cocktails, the trippy tinsel town bar has been a surreal sensation since 2013. […]


Alice in Wonderland Bar

Step through the looking glass with a drink in hand at two ‘Alice in Wonderland’-themed bars By Brittany MPosted: Tuesday May 30 2017, 2:39pm Photograph: Michael Hoang, Courtesy The Rabbit Hole If you’ve ever wished you could step inside Lewis Carrol’s whimsical world, now is your moment. Two different Alice in Wonderland-inspired bars have opened, giving you […]

Eater, Los Angeles

Alice in Wonderland Bar

LOS ANGELES Down The Rabbit Hole at LA’s Weirdest, Wildest Bar An Alice in Wonderland-themed Valley destination draws a massive crowd by Farley Elliott  May 25, 2017, 3:02pm PDT Photography by Wonho Frank Lee The Rabbit Hole Bar, West Hills Wonho Frank Lee  TWEET  SHARE  PIN The San Fernando Valley is full of finds, from burger spots you’ve always […]