We are a bar. We are a place to come, have a drink and have a good time. If you disrupt the experience of our staff or other guests, you will be asked to leave. If you refuse, you will be forcefully removed and never allowed to return. If you break any laws ( damage to private property, valdalasm, theft, assault ), we will arrange a special transport for you courtesy of our local enforcement agencies. 

Be on your best behavior and be respectful to others, or you will be corrected.

Dress appropriately. Yes we are a dive bar, but even we have standards.

  • No flip flops ( people will step on your feet )
  • No sports jerseys, workout or athletic gear ( we’re not a sports bar )
  • No biker jackets with patches ( no gang affiliations )
  • No tank tops ( you’re not at the beach )
  • No pajamas or sweatpants ( you’re not here to workout )

We also do not allow the following:

  • No weapons of any kind will be permitted
  • No fake id’s or expired licenses will be accepted
  • Do not bring your own drinks inside
  • Do not not bring our drinks outside
  • No walking on the ceiling
  • No standing on furniture
  • Do not place any drinks on the pool table
  • Do not place any drinks on the dj booth
  • No animals are allowed inside except licensed service animals
  • No vehicles are allowed inside
  • No Horseplay or tom foolery will be permitted